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How To: Execute a Successful Email Database Campaign
Successful Email Database marketing comes down to three words according to Rob Smith, digital director at Blue leaf Email Database . He reveals what they are and how to implement them

Email Database marketing has long been a favorite tool among marketers for its cost effective nature and also it's hard to beat ROI. How is it possible therefore that there is so much poor Email Database marketing that passes to my deleted items each day?

It's because people think the tool is the answer. The mere fact that they are sending Email Database means they are doing it and succeeding. Nothing could be further from the truth. In a world where we are bombarded day-after-day with messaging from all corners - Email Database , phone, SMS, Facebook and much more, your solitary Email Database has to fight really hard to have a chance of standing out from the ever growing crowd.

The three words you need to remember to help you stand out are: segmentation, personalization and testing. Any decent Email Database marketing campaign allows you to deliver on all three.

This is the 'who' of Email Database marketing. Who are you sending your message to? Don't say 'all of my database' - it's the wrong answer. Just think for a second. Out of your few thousand people, are they really all meant to get the same message? Do they have the same characteristics, buying patterns or personalities? No they do not, far from it.

As a result you need to segment your list into smaller  Email Database chunks of like-minded individuals. If you have a better-targeted (although smaller) list of people, then you can tailor your message to that audience so much better. If the message is more tailored Email Database. people are more receptive to it.
[Obrazek: Email-Database.gif]
For instance Email Database , I am pretty tech savvy and (probably) a bit geeky. Our creative director (as you would expect) is much less geeky than me, and a bit more on the fluffy side of things. If you're a recruitment agency that recruits for all roles in agency life, you wouldn't send the same message to both of us (if you have any sense) because what you're selling should be completely different. Email Database  To me it might be 'the most talented techies that are expert problem solvers using the latest web development methods', but to our creative director it should be 'discover the goldmine of ideas in our talented designers and creatives Email Database who can bring something different to your style.'

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